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About Us

Descent in the Dark

Descent in the Dark (www.descentinthedark.com) is a fan built website for Descent: Journeys in the Dark, an addictive dungeon crawling boardgame published by Fantasy Flight Games (FFG).

It happened to all players of Descent. You are in the middle of a game, a critical situation arises that could greatly shift things on the overlord or the heroes' side, but the rules are not crystal clear. You look through the main rulebook, but cannot find the information you are looking for. So you look through the rulebooks of the other expansions one by one, page by page. Not there. "I'm sure I've seen this somewhere!" Must be in the official FAQ then? Or perhaps in the Gathered List of Answered Questions (GLoAQ)? Doh! You try to Google it but you keep finding pages about the computer game that is also called Descent...

We decided to create this website because we love the game, of course, but mainly because we wanted players to find everything they are looking for easily, with just a few clicks. Being a "tactical compendium", we aim to cover every single piece of information about the game with detailed entries and also give tactical advice to Overlords and Heroes alike. The work is far from done as we have many projects. For example, host a line of sight checker, a dice simulator, add a section for fan created material, add the ability to rate heroes and monsters and so on.

Hope you enjoy and thanks to all players who contributed!

Ezhaeu, webmaster

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