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Transformed into a Monkey

Lingering Effect, Journeys in the Dark

I - Rules

(see JITD, p.16; FAQ 1.3, p.5)

Curse of the Monkey God is a trap card the overlord can play when a hero opens a chest. The hero must roll one power die. If he rolls a blank, the card has no effect. If the hero player does not roll a blank, the hero is transformed into a monkey.

Dance of the Monkey God is a more powerful version of this card and can affect all heroes in the dungeon.

When a hero is transformed into a monkey, the player must immediately replace his hero figure with the monkey marker. The hero's turn immediately ends.

Monkeys cannot attack and cannot use any items, including potions. A monkey can move up to 5 spaces on the hero's turn, but cannot take any movement actions. A monkey has the hero's wounds and fatigue, but has a total armor value of 0.

After a hero is tranformed, the player collects two wound tokens from the pile of unused tokens in the common play area. The player discards one token at the end of each of his turns (not including the turn the hero is transformed); when he discards the last token, his hero returns to normal.


Can a monkey perform "movement actions" which cost no MP? For example, pick up tokens or drop items?


Can a transformed hero (monkey) leave a dungeon via portal, if someone else has opened the door?

Yes. However, the hero remains a monkey for the same length of time.

A hero who has been Transformed by either Curse of the Monkey God or Dance of the Monkey God may move up to five spaces and may not take any movement actions. Can that hero take other actions, such as receiving an order token or declaring a Run action? What about a hero who is both Stunned and Transformed?

A Transformed hero may not declare any action. He may still use any skills that are appropriate (e.g., Acrobatic, Telekinesis) and may spend fatigue for extra movement points. A Transformed hero who is stunned may only move (i.e., he must choose the "only move" option for being stunned, not the "only attack" option), which in most cases has no effects beyond those of being Transformed. A Transformed hero who has an order token placed on him by means of another hero with Leadership may still use the order, except that he may not make an attack with a Guard order. (Note that while Guard and Aim orders are useless to a Transformed hero, they may still be placed on him by a hero with Leadership.)

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