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Special Ability, Tomb of Ice

I - Rules

(see TOI, p.7; FAQ 1.3, p.17-18)

A monster with the Swallow ability that makes a successful attack (i.e., an attack that causes at least one damage before applying the effects of armor) against a hero within three spaces of it can choose to swallow that hero.

If the monster chooses to use its Swallow ability after a successful attack, the hero suffers the attack damage as normal, and that hero's figure is then removed from the dungeon and placed on the stomach tile. While a hero is placed on the stomach tile, the following conditions affect him:

If the monster is killed before the swallowed hero dies, the swallowed hero is removed from the stomach tile and placed on any space, of that hero player's choice, that was occupied by the swallowing monster when it died. If a hero on the stomach tile is killed before the swallowing monster dies, the hero's figure is placed on the town tile, and all the normal rules for hero deaths apply.

A monster may only have one hero placed on its stomach tile at a time. Once a hero has been swallowed, a second hero cannot be swallowed until the previously swallowed hero is killed.


Can a hero use the swap ability of his Shadow Soul familiar while he is in the Stomach tile? Subsequently, if the Shadow Soul ends up in the stomach tile, may another hero be swallowed?


When a swallowed hero attacks the monster that swallowed him, can that monster benefit from Stealth (e.g. from the Sneak Up On The Prey treachery card) or other defensive abilities, such as Fear, Ghost, Ironskin, etc.?


Currently, some heroes can survive on the stomach tile indefinitely, because items and abilities exist that can cancel wounds that ignore armor (e.g. Corbin, Skull Shield). Is this intentional, or should the damage from swallow bypass all other effects?

This is intentional.

Swallowed heroes are limited to one attack per turn; does this only apply to attacks received from the hero's action, or does it also restrict the use of extra attacks from other sources, such as the Hurry feat card?

Heroes may have only one attack per turn. Heroes may not use extra attacks.

Can Swallowed heroes declare actions (and thus declare a Ready action to attack and place an order), even if they wouldn't be able to gain skill benefits from doing so?

Swallowed heroes get one half of an action (as though they were Stunned). This action may only be used for an attack. They may not declare actions.

If there are multiple creatures with Swallow, can multiple heroes be placed on the Stomach Tile, one for each monster?

Currently there is only one figure with swallow. If a quest were to somehow contain multiple figures with swallow, you would use a stomach tile for each creature.

III - References

Heroes with the Swallow ability: none.

Monsters with the Swallow ability: Ice Wyrm (master only).

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