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Main Game Concept, Road to Legend

I - Rules

(see RTL, p. 18-19)

Heroes visiting Taverns can learn about Rumors, which are special quests they can undertake to earn special rewards. When a hero visits or trains in a Tavern (see Using Buildings and The Tavern) and pays for a round of drinks, the overlord shuffles the Rumor deck and then draws the top Rumor card.

If a drawn Rumor card has any instructions at the top (see “Rumor Card Breakdown” on the next page), they are followed immediately. Once that’s done – or if the card has no instructions, which is true of most Rumor cards – the overlord reads aloud the italicized rumor text and the reward, which together describe the rumor the hero hears, the quest that can be undertaken, and the bounty the heroes will win if they do so.

Next, if there is currently no active Rumor in the campaign, the drawn card becomes the active Rumor. However, if there is already an active Rumor, the players must decide together whether to keep the old active Rumor and discard the new Rumor, or vice versa, as there may never be more than one active Rumor at a time. Rumors discarded in this way are returned to the bottom of the Rumor deck.

If the new Rumor card becomes the active Rumor, the hero players must next decide to which dungeon location on the Terrinoth map they must travel to face the Rumor’s dangers and – if they are successful – claim the Rumor’s reward. The location they choose cannot be closer (along the shortest possible route) to the party marker than the distance in trail-lengths listed in the upper right corner of the Rumor card. Otherwise, the hero players may choose any unexplored dungeon location on the Terrinoth map, which they should mark on the map with the Rumor token, and record on the campaign sheet.

Example: The party marker is in Tamalir and the heroes draw a new Rumor card with a distance of two, which they decide to make their new active Rumor. They could choose to locate the Rumor at any unexplored dungeon location other than Starfall Forest, Blackwing Swamp, Thelsvan Highway, or Red Echo River. Those four locations are only one trail-length from the party’s current location, so they’re illegal, but all other locations meet the minimum distance requirement. They decide to locate the new Rumor at Hanging Woods, and record that choice on the campaign sheet.

Once a Rumor’s location has been determined, campaign play continues. The active Rumor remains faceup in a convenient location, and is stored with the heroes’ cards between sessions.

To overcome the active Rumor and try to claim its reward, the party must first travel to the Rumor’s location. Then, they proceed to explore it in the same way they would a regular dungeon (see “Dungeons” on page 17). The first and second levels are played as normal dungeon levels are (i.e., Dungeon Level cards are drawn, and so on). The third level, however, is specific to the active Rumor. When beginning the third level, rather than drawing a Dungeon Level card, the overlord turns to the corresponding section of the Quest Guide (pages 34–83 of the quest guide) and sets up the level according to the map and instructions there.

The Rumor level is played according to the Quest Guide description and rules, which also specify the conditions the heroes must meet to receive the Rumor reward. The reward is granted immediately when the conditions are met. The Rumor card is also then removed from the campaign (being placed in the graveyard box), unless the card instructs the heroes to keep it. Whether removed from the game or kept by the heroes, however, that Rumor card is no longer considered to be the active Rumor.

The Rumor level (and therefore the entire dungeon) ends as a dungeon does, when the heroes either all travel through its portal, or flee by simultaneously returning to Tamalir and declaring that they have fled. In both cases, that dungeon location is marked as explored on the campaign sheet, and the heroes may not explore it again.

Example: A hero in Tamalir visits the Tavern there and learns the “The Twins” Rumor. The party has no active Rumor, so “The Twins” becomes their active Rumor. Its distance is 2, so the heroes decide that its location will be the Gardens of Tarn.

Later, the hero party goes to the Gardens of Tarn and explores it. The first two levels are explored like normal dungeon levels (the overlord draws Dungeon Level cards, and so forth), but the third level is unique to the “The Twins” Rumor. When the heroes descend to that level, the overlord refers to the Quest Guide (in this case, page 54). Upon fulfilling the reward requirement (which also, in this case, corresponds to their leaving the map via the portal) they receive the reward described on the “The Twins” Rumor card (sending two of the overlord’s unpurchased Avatar Upgrade cards to the graveyard box), mark the Gardens of Tarn dungeon location as explored on the campaign sheet, and may either leave the party marker at the Gardens of Tarn location or move it to Tamalir.

II - References

Here is the complete list of Rumors in Descent: Road to Legend. Note that there are 2 copies of No News in the deck.

Rumor Expansion Distance Award
A Mother's Lament RTL 3 The heroes keep this card. The Market ratings of all cities are increased by one.
Belly of the Beast RTL 2 The heroes gain 2,000 coins.
Derafin the Mighty RTL 3 Each hero has his maximum wounds increased by one for the rest of the campaign.
Down a Hole WOD, RTL 4 The heroes keep this card. Any hero may place this card in the graveyard before making an attack roll. The hero chooses the result of that attack roll, placing those sides of the dice face up.
Dust to Dust AOD, RTL 4 The heroes keep this card. The Temple ratings of all cities are increased by one.
Hunting the Wyrm TOI, RTL 3 One of the heroes keeps this card, gaining the Ironskin ability.
No News… RTL 0 No reward. Shuffle this card back into the Rumor deck.
Prince of Thieves RTL 2 The heroes can purchase items in the Market for 20% less than normal from now on (Copper items cost 200 coins, Silver items cost 400 coins, and Gold items cost 600 coins).
Split Heirlooms RTL 4 The heroes choose one weapon in their possession and attach this card to it. That weapon gains +1 damage and cannot be destroyed.
Tavern Brawl! RTL 0 All heroes in the tavern suffer 2 wounds (ignoring armor). Shuffle this card back into the Rumor deck.
The Dark Shard RTL 3 The heroes gain 12 conquest tokens.
The Feud RTL 3 The heroes keep this card. They may place it in the graveyard when the Avatar kills a hero to avoid permanent death and restore the hero to life with 4 wounds and full fatigue.
The Hatchlings RTL 2 The heroes keep this card. They may place it in the graveyard to move to any location on the Terrinoth map instead of moving normally. Any Quest Item they may be carrying is left behind.
The Twins RTL 2 The heroes choose two Avatar Upgrade cards (not Plots) that the overlord has not yet purchased, and place them in the graveyard.
X Marks the Spot! RTL 4 The heroes may search through the current treasure deck and, as a group, take one card (other than Treasure Cache) of their choice.
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