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Special Ability, Road to Legend

I - Rules

(see RTL, p. 14, 16, 30)

Reinforce allows leaders and lieutenants to bring new monsters onto the game board during encounters.

The Reinforce Ability in Encounters

The Reinforce ability (a common ability on many Incident cards) allows the overlord to place a new monster (or monsters) of the listed type off the board, but next to one of the exit spaces of the map (see “Exit Pieces” on page 32).

Reinforcements are not considered to have been spawned, so hero lines of sight, and abilities that prevent or interfere with spawning, do not affect them.

Reinforcements are purchased and placed at the end of the overlord’s turn, and may not be activated that turn. However, since they aren’t on the map yet, heroes can’t attack them, either. On the overlord’s next turn, he may move the reinforcements onto the map as though they were one space away from the exit spaces they were placed next to. Large monsters may not move onto the board unless they can move fully onto the board, and monsters may not end their movement on top of other figures when moving onto the board.

If the leader in an encounter has been killed, the Reinforce abilities of that encounter cannot be used any longer.

Reinforce and Lieutenants

A Lieutenant can Reinforce any kind of normal monster listed as one of its legal minions on its lieutenant card. For example, Sir Alric Farrow can Reinforce Beastmen, Razorwings, Hell Hounds, and Sorcerers. The threat cost to Reinforce one monster of a given type is listed below.

Monster Type Threat Cost Monster Type Threat Cost
Bane Spider 3 Golem 6
Beastman 4 Hell Hound 3
Blood Ape 5 Kobold 2
Chaos Beast 7 Manticore 5
Dark Priest 4 Naga 4
Demon 7 Ogre 6
Deep Elf 4 Razorwing 4
Dragon 7 Skeleton 3
Ferrox 4 Sorcerer 4
Giant 7 Troll 6
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