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Tir Rapide

Rapid Fire

Skill Card, Journeys in the Dark

I - Rules

(see FAQ 1.3, p. 8)

Skill Type: Subterfuge
Effect: After making a Ranged attack, you may immediately spend 2 fatigue to make 1 additional attack with the same weapon this turn. You may use this ability multiple times, paying its cost each time.

Road to Legend

The Rapid Fire skill can be learned at Olmric's Hut in the Advanced Campaign.

Sea of Blood

The Rapid Fire skill is not available in the Sea of Blood Advanced Campaign.


When making an attack with the Guard order, can a hero use abilities such as Cleave that grant extra attacks? What about other special abilities?

When making a Guard attack, a hero retains access to all appropriate special abilities unless otherwise indicated. This includes abilities such as Cleave, Quick Casting, and Rapid Fire that may grant an extra attack.

III - Tactics

Rapid Fire can be a killer skill in the Advanced Campaign.

Now, imagine a hero like Grey Ker with 5 fatigue who has done 3 secret trainings and upgraded his maximum fatigue by two each time. You have a total of 11 fatigue. This hero could even reach 13 with Skilled and then 14 with Tiger Tattoo.

With 10 fatigue, our Grey Ker could attack normally, do 5 extra ranged attacks and... Rest! Who said ranged attacks were not good?

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