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Special Ability, Altar of Despair

I - Rules

(see AOD, p. 9; FAQ 1.3, p. 11-12)

A figure with the Leap ability can make a Leap attack. The figure moves in a straight line (vertical or horizontal, but not diagonal) up to twice its remaining movement, ignoring obstacles and enemy figures. Leaps cannot pass through walls or closed doors, and they must end on an empty space. The leaping figure may then make one attack roll that affects any enemy figures in the spaces it just moved through. A Leap attack ignores rolled range, only missing on a miss result. If the attack does not miss, it deals full damage to each figure affected by it. If a Leap attack is dodged by more than one figure, only one re-roll may be made (the first dodging player to the attacking player's left decides which dice, if any, are to be re-rolled). A figure is limited to one Leap attack per turn, and the figure cannot move any further after making the attack.


When making a Leap attack, is the leaping figure subject to Guard attacks, attacks produced by abilities such as Alertness, and Aura? If the figure is damaged by any of those effects, may it apply its Berserk ability to its attack roll (assuming it has Berserk)?

Yes on most counts. Leaping figures are immune to Aura, but otherwise subject to all the above noted effects. It may apply its Berserk ability if it takes damage during its leap. Note that if the figure is slain by any of these effects, then it may not make an attack roll at all. Guard may only be activated before or after a Leap attack is performed, never during.

When making a Leap attack, can a blood ape leap "sideways" so that it affects twice as much area?

No. Refer to the large figure movement rules on page 15 and the diagram on page 17 of the "Journeys in the Dark" rules. Monsters using Leap must still follow all normal rules for movement except as specifically noted.

Can a creature with Leap attack normally (without leaping)?

Yes. Leap is optional.

Can a figure use Leap to open a door, or perform actions that require movement points?

No, a Leap is only used for the move/attack.

Does Leap affect a figure with Ghost?

No, as a Leap attack is performed when the figure is adjacent, either on the ground or in the air.

Can a figure, using a Leap attack, make each attack twice with Rage?

The extra attack must be performed before or after the Leap is made, not during.

Is it possible to Leap without doing a Leap attack? The AoD rules state that doing an attack roll is not mandatory with a Leap; if a figure does not roll attack dice, does it count as not attacking, and can said figure then make a normal attack?

The figure may perform the leap movement without making an attack. At the end of the movement, the figure may make one normal attack against any models it could normally target.

If a Blood Ape makes a Leap without making a Leap attack, do his remaining movement points still get used?

Yes, a Leap uses all remaining movement points. As Leap uses movement points, this does allow a figure with Grapple to pin it in place. A figure may not be grappled mid-leap however, it may only be grappled on the ground.

III - References

Heroes with the Leap ability: none.

Monsters with the Leap ability: Blood Apes.

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