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Obstacle, Tomb of Ice

I - Rules

(see TOI, p. 7)


Any figure (hero or monster) entering an ice space as part of its movement must roll a power die. If the result of the power die is a surge, that figure's turn ends immediately. All other die results have no effect. The power die roll must be made even when entering an ice space from another ice space.

When a figure enters an ice space occupied by a friendly figure and a surge result is rolled, the moving figure is placed on the last space it occupied before entering the ice space, and its turn ends.

Large figures are affected by ice, but only if they make a move that results in the entire figure occupying ice spaces.

Familiars are not affected by ice.

Figures with the Fly ability are not affected by ice.

Figures that are moved onto an ice space using the Telekinesis skill are not affected by ice.

Heroes and monsters may jump across ice using the same rules for jumping across pits (i.e., by spending three movement points for each ice space crossed.)

Line of Sight

Ice markers do not block line of sight.

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