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Main game concept, Journeys in the Dark

I - Rules

(see JITD, p. 13; FAQ,  2)

Many dungeons are filled with heavy iron or wooden doors that block all spells and weapons. A closed door is represented by a door marker. Door markers are placed between exactly four spaces (two in front of the marker, two behind it). When a door is opened, simply slide it off the board to one side. If the door is closed again (by either the heroes or monsters), simply slide the door marker back onto the board in its original, closed position.

Closed doors block movement, line of sight, and all attacks (even those that don't require line of sight). It is possible for both heroes and monsters to expend movement points to open or close doors, but only if their figure is located in a space adjacent to a door's closed position (including diagonals). It costs a figure 2 movement points to either open or close a door. A door cannot be destroyed by attacks and cannot be closed if the door's position (the line between the two front spaces and the two back spaces) is blocked by a large monster.

Important: Monsters cannot open any door leading to an unrevealed area.

Rune-locked Doors

Three of the door markers in the game have a rune icon printed on them. These doors begin play locked and cannot be opened unless a hero first finds the corresponding runekey. Once a hero has picked up a runekey, the token is placed next to the compass rose to indicate that runelocked doors of this color are now unlocked for all heroes for the duration of the game. Runekeys are not considered items and they do not have to be equipped or carried in a hero's pack.

Important: unnamed monsters can never open or close a runelocked door. Named monsters may open and close runelocked doors, whether or not the heroes have the runekey to that door. However, named monsters still cannot open any door leading into an unrevealed area.

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