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Special Ability, Lingering Effect, Well of Darkness

I - Rules

(see WOD, p. 5-6)

Special ability

If an attack by a monster or weapon with the Daze ability inflicts at least 1 damage on the target (before applying the effects of armor) the target is temporarily weakened by its wound. After applying any wounds from that attack, place a daze token next to the affected figure. A figure can have more than one daze token at a time.

Lingering effect

Daze tokens indicate that a figure has been temporarily weakened or distracted by an injury. At the start of each of that figure's turns, its owner must roll a power die for each daze token on the figure. For each power surge rolled, one daze token is discarded. Otherwise, the tokens remain. Each time a figure attacks when it has one or more daze tokens on it, it loses 1 die (either yellow, green, or black) from its attack for each daze token on it. The dice lost are chosen by the figure's owner. If there are more daze tokens on the figure than the number of yellow, green, and black dice used in its attack, it loses all such dice.

Example: Brother Glyr has 3 daze tokens on him when he makes an attack. His attack normally allows him to roll 1 red, 1 green, and 3 black dice, but he decides to lose the 3 black dice due to his daze tokens. If he had 4 or more daze tokens on him, Glyr's attack would be reduced to 1 red die.

II - References

Heroes with the Daze ability: none.

Monsters with the Daze ability: none.

Items granting the Daze ability: Axe of Returning, Skullcracker, Spirit Spear.

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