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Crushing Walls

Trap, Altar of Despair

I - Rules

(see AOD, p.7; FAQ, p. 8)

Crushing walls block line of sight and are treated as a wall for purposes of blocking line of sight, attacks, and movement. Unlike other props, crushing walls move through the dungeon, crushing everything that gets in their way.

Crushing Wall Movement

At the start of the overlord's turn, before he does anything else, he must move all crushing walls in play. To do this, he simply moves the crushing wall one space in the direction indicated by the quest. If a figure is caught between a crushing wall and either a wall, a crushing wall, or a closed door, the figure is instantly killed, regardless of wounds, armor, or special abilities such as Undying.

Any figure in a space that a crushing wall moves through is pushed along in front of the wall, taking 1 wound (ignoring armor). The only exception to this is figures in a pit when the crushing wall moves overhead (see below). Crushing walls remove rubble obstacles from any space they move through, but ignore most other obstacles (other than pits, see below). Once a crushing wall has moved into a wall or a closed door, it is removed from the map.

Crushing Walls and Pits

Crushing walls move across the top of pits. Any figure in a pit that a crushing wall is moving across is safe from being crushed by the moving wall and is not pushed along in front of it. A figure moving from one pit space to another may move through a crushing wall as if it were not there.

What happens when a Crushing Wall pushes one figure into another figure?

The second figure’s controller may move it to any adjacent available space. An available space is any space that does not contain a figure or an obstacle that blocks movement such as rubble. If there are no such spaces, or insufficient spaces to hold the figure if it is large, then the figure’s controller moves it to a space containing another figure, resulting in another “push-back” which uses the same rules. Figures may never push the figure that pushed them or any other figure that has been pushed during this turn. In other words, each figure may only be pushed once during a turn. If a figure ever has absolutely no legal spaces to move into, it is eliminated as if it had been trapped between a crushing wall and a wall.

What happens when a Crushing Wall pushes a figure into rubble, water, or another obstacle that blocks movement?

The figure is eliminated as if it had been pushed into a wall or closed door. If the space was a water space, then the blood squids have obviously claimed another victim.

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