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Cities and Buildings

Main Game Concept, Road to Legend

I - Rules

(see RTL, p. 21)

Cities are centers where heroes can resupply, recover from their wounds, improve their capabilities, and more.

Every city in Terrinoth contains a variety of different buildings, each of which gives heroes who visit them different options. There are five different types of buildings:

Note, however, that some buildings cannot be found in certain cities. For example, Vynelvale doesn’t have an Alchemist. The Alchemist, Market, and Temple buildings in each city have ratings, which are listed on the Terrinoth map (see the City Key on the Terrinoth map). For example, Riverwatch’s Temple rating is 2.

Whenever the party Moves to a city location on the Terrinoth map, each hero must choose one of the buildings there to visit. To indicate which building a hero is at, place his figure on the appropriate building area at the bottom of the Terrinoth map. Different heroes may visit different buildings, if they wish.

If a party already in a city chooses to Recuperate/Train there, each hero must choose whether to recuperate or train. Recuperating heroes’ figures are removed from the Terrinoth map board; they are not considered to be at any particular building. Training heroes, however, choose one of the available building areas in that city and move their figures there.

Heroes also go to buildings – in Tamalir – when they use glyphs of transport that would normally send them to the town marker. They go to Tamalir because the Obelisk of Journeys is hidden there, and its magic anchors all glyphs of transport throughout the land. A hero going to Tamalir via glyph chooses a building and places his figure on the corresponding area of the Terrinoth map. He then restocks; see “Using Buildings,” below. A hero who begins a game turn in Tamalir can either spend a movement point to return to the game board via an activated glyph, or remain in Tamalir to restock again at any legal building, including the one he was at last turn.

City Special Abilities

Each city has a unique special ability, described on the Terrinoth map. Most of these affect how a particular building in that city functions. Tamalir, however, is a special case.

Using Buildings

When a hero’s figure is placed on a building area, that hero immediately gains some benefit. The specific benefit depends on which building it is and what circumstance – visiting, training, or restocking – brought him there.

Each building’s benefits are listed below by circumstance. In some cases, the order in which heroes go to the same building matters. For example, the number of items available for sale at a given Market diminishes as the heroes purchase them. If the players can’t agree on the order in which heroes to go buildings, use a random method to decide.

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