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Main Game Concept, Journeys in the Dark

I - Rules

(see JITD, p. 18; RTL, p. 17; FAQ, p. 1)

Copper chest token - Descent: Journeys in the Dark Silver chest token - Descent: Journeys in the Dark Gold chest token - Descent: Journeys in the Dark

Chests found in the dungeon contain both good and bad surprises. Heroes do not pick up chests. Instead, a hero must move into the space containing the chest. A hero cannot open a chest if the chest is in the same space as another figure. Next, the hero must spend two movement points to open the chest. When a chest is opened, the marker is turned over to reveal a number on its “opened” side. The overlord then consults the Quest Guide to determine what the chest contains. Some possible contents are as follows:

Money: Each hero gains the indicated amount of money, taking the money markers from the pile of unused money markers in the common play area.

Copper Treasure: Each hero draws one card from the Copper Treasure deck.

Silver Treasure: Each hero draws one card from the Silver Treasure deck.

Gold Treasure: Each hero draws one card from the Gold Treasure deck.

Conquest Tokens: The heroes immediately gain the indicated number of conquest tokens.

Curse: For each curse, the overlord immediately gains threat tokens equal to the number of heroes. The overlord player may spend these tokens to help pay for a trap card triggered by the chest being opened. After the overlord has resolved any curses and played any trap cards, the heroes may distribute the contents of the chest.

In the original rules, Heroes could immediately discard unwanted treasures and receive its money value, but this rule was changed in the FAQ. It states that Heroes can no longer immediately turn in a treasure card from a chest to receive its full value. Instead, they must carry the item back to town and sell it for half value in the town shop.

Heroes gain treasure from opened chests no matter where they are (even if they’re in town). If a treasure deck runs out of cards, it is not reshuffled. The heroes simply cannot gain any more treasure of that type this game. Items gained from an opened chest may immediately be equipped, placed in the hero’s pack, or dropped. A hero may immediately re-equip his items, place items in his pack, or drop items in order to equip the new item.

Once a chest has been opened, remove it from the board and return it to the game box.

Road to Legend

When a hero opens a chest in a dungeon, the party rolls four black power dice and consults the chart below for each one to see what is discovered.

Chest Loot
Die Result Copper Campaign Silver Campaign Gold Campaign
Enhancement 100 coins 200 coins 300 coins
Surge 50 coins and any 1 potion 100 coins and any 1 potion 150 coins and any 1 potion
Blank 1 Copper Treasure 1 Silver Treasure 1 Gold Treasure

Coins are added to the party treasury. Potions are selected by the hero players as a group; for example, a party that discovered two potions could choose one healing and one vitality potion. Treasures are drawn from the listed treasure deck as normal.

Potions and items discovered in chests are divided among the heroes as the hero players wish. Heroes may immediately equip any items they discover in chests, as usual.

If a chest is opened and no treasures are found, the heroes receive one extra conquest token.

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