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Special Ability, Lingering Effect, Journeys in the Dark

I - Rules

(see JITD, p. 15, 22)

Burn token - Descent: Journeys in the Dark

If an attack by a monster or weapon with the Burn ability inflicts at least 1 damage on the target (before applying the effects of armor), the target catches fire. After applying any wounds that result from the attack, place a burn token next to the affected figure. A figure can have more than one burn token at a time.

A figure that has caught fire is marked with a burn token. At the start of each of that figure's turns, its owner must roll a power die for each burn token on the figure. For each power surge rolled, one burn token is discarded. The figure then suffers one wound for each burn token that remains on it. These wounds are not reduced by armor.

II - References

Heroes with the Burn ability: none.

Monsters with the Burn ability: Dragons, Lava Beetles (master only).

Skills granting the Burn ability: Fire Pact (attack with Staff only).

Feats granting the Burn ability: Flaming Fury (1 magic attack only).

Items granting the Burn ability: Cone of Fire, Flamestrike.

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