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Trap, Well of Darkness

I - Rules

(see WOD, p. 5)

Boulders block line of sight and are treated as a wall for purposes of blocking line of sight, attacks, and movement. Boulders roll through the dungeon, crushing everything that gets in their way.

Boulder Movement

At the start of the overlord's turn, before he does anything else, he must move all boulders in play. To do this, he selects a boulder and rolls 1 red die and 1 yellow die. He then adds up the range shown on the two dice and moves the boulder that many spaces in the direction shown by the arrow on the boulder. He then repeats the process for each other boulder in play.

Any figure in a space that a boulder moves onto is instantly killed, regardless of wounds, armor, or special abilities such as Undying. The only exception to this is figures that are in a pit when the boulder rolls overhead (see below). Boulders remove rubble obstacles from any space they move through, but ignore most other obstacles (other than pits, see below). Walls and closed doors will destroy any boulder that attempts to move through them. If one boulder collides with another boulder, the boulder that is currently being moved is destroyed.

Boulders and Pits

Boulders roll across pits unless the boulder moves completely into the pit. Any figure in a pit that a boulder is rolling across is safe from being crushed by the boulder, but cannot climb out of any space covered by the boulder. If a boulder moves completely into a pit, it falls in. If this happens, any figure underneath the boulder is crushed and killed, and then the boulder shatters and is removed from the board.

Boulder Ramps

Boulder ramps do not block line of sight or movement. However, if a boulder moves into any space containing a boulder ramp, it is turned in the direction indicated by the ramp.

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