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Special Ability, Well of Darkness

I - Rules

(see WOD, p.6)

Bolt template - Descent: Well of Darkness

Attacks with the Bolt ability use the bolt template to determine which spaces they affect. The template is placed against one side of the attacking figure and all figures underneath the template (friendly and enemy) are affected by the attack. A Bolt attack ignores rolled range, only missing on a miss result. If the attack does not miss, it deals full damage to each figure affected by it. If a Bolt attack is dodged by more than one figure, only one re-roll may be made (the first dodging player to the attacking player's left decides which dice, if any, are to be re-rolled). Bolt attacks cannot pass through walls or closed doors, but do not otherwise need line of sight.

When placing the bolt template on the board, align it so that its rear end is flat against the base of the figure making the attack. The bolt template is two squares wide at its base, and either square may be aligned with the figure making the attack. It does not matter if the bolt template is completely on the board or not. This means there is eight legal positions for the bolt template if a small figure makes a Bolt attack. The lightning from a Bolt attack flows around obstacles just like the flame from a Breath attack. The Bolt attack cannot be made through staircases.

II - References

Heroes with the Bolt ability: none.

Monsters with the Bolt ability: none.

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